Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lucy, RIP


Our chicken Lucy seemed unwell today and Amy took her to the vet. She turned out to be quite sick and we had her put to sleep. She was four years old, which is old for a chicken - most chickens are killed when they stop laying prolifically. She was the last of our two original chickens. Lucy is the pale chick in the picture. Natalie, the dark one, got taken at an early age by some unknown predator animal.


  1. Do chickens make nice pets? I used to like visiting farms where they had chickens in the yard... it seemed restful to watch them fussing around.

    I've given up on this definition word verification thing.

  2. I think Chickens make good pets. They make eggs which is good if you don’t like factory farmed stuff. They do need a coop to live in. There is the potential that their squawks will annoy neighbours, but this hasn’t been a problem for us. There is less infrastructure for chickens than cats, e.g. you can’t hire someone to feed them as easily as you can with, say, cats. They’re not super friendly but they aren’t mean either. We’ll probably get another one to make our flock back up to two.