Thursday, June 21, 2007

An arrest

When I came back from my run this morning there were two cop cars at the end of our street. One was from the San Francisco police and the other was the Colma police. There isn’t anything in Colma except shopping malls and graveyards, so I started concocting a theory involving San Francisco zombies going to Colma to go grave robbing.

After my shower it became apparent that the police had moved and were now outside our house. Fortunately the RIAA had not found out about the two Lulu mp3s I downloaded yesterday. Actually they were arresting someone from next door. We tried to see and hear what was going on without being too obvious. Looks like it was a friend of the teenage boy neighbour, whose car was observed at the crime scene. The cops photographed the car. The friend was put in the back of the black and white/panda car. The cops put some boxes of sneakers and some bags of clothing in their trunk and then went through it all, carefully, taking notes. Eventually they took the kid away, but I was late for work.

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