Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I see more conspiracies!

Why hasn't Martin Amis's essay on Islamicism been published in a US newspaper? Is it because it criticises religion?


  1. Probably, America is, in my 6 months on and off there over 15 years, the most religios county in the world.

    I was in Conneticut for the two month start of the last invasion of Iraq and spoke to many people in bars and watched the TV a lot, the documentaries and the war footage.

    I was shocked.

    It seems to me that the USA is currently being driven by a group of powerful, wealthy, healthy, tanned 60 year old Nazis who's religious views are at least as extreme as the "Mad Mullahs" whom they choose to attack.

  2. Wow, my spelling is getting even worse! I do apologise.