Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day family outing

Thrift stores often have sales for President's Day. We went to two in a morning, spent less than $20 in each and came away with this stuff:

  • A Barbie SUV which is to be converted into some sort of public bus
  • A jigsaw puzzle (with teddy bears)
  • 5 books
  • Assorted glasses and measuring spoons
  • 2 glass bowls which are intended to be part of a solar oven
  • 2 Banana Republic shirts, a sweater and a tee shirt
  • Cute kid's clothes as chosen by the kid.
The main thing is that it is fun to shop this way. The challenge is to find something that you want amidst all the junk. It is more rewarding than just clicking on what you want and having it delivered.

We have also been watching that Ray Mears's Wild Food TV show where we learn about what Mesolithic hunter gatherers would have eaten in Britain. I guess there is something about scavenging that appeals to us.

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