Friday, February 02, 2007

The first genius of YouTube

Artists must deal with limitations of their medium. Frank Sinatra was the first to really exploit the LP. What are the limitations of YouTube? Yes, you can edit videos, and use proper lighting. That’s the classic mistake of a new medium, to treat it like the old one. One way to do it is to embrace its simplicity. Ysabellabrave films herself singing with karaoke records of classic songs. The video is done in one take – I wonder how many she has to discard. Without cuts she fills the screen all by herself, using her expressive face to occupy our attention all by herself. Yes she’s cute, she’s an OK singer, but the genius is that is all works in that little screen on the computer.


  1. I do them in one take, period, as long as the phoen doesn't ring or some other non-sniging related interruption.
    Sorry you don't like my voice too much.

  2. I must be damning with my faint praise. I suppose being called a genius is just not enough :-)