Friday, July 28, 2006

Sonic Youth

I am listening to Rather Ripped. The wonderful picture above is from the inside back cover of the CD. It was taken by Amanda de Cadenet, a onetime UK TV presenter who is now married to a member of The Strokes.

Here are the bands I have seen supporting Sonic Youth:

  • Sun Ra and the Arkestra (in Central Park, New York)
  • fIREHOSE (at the Town and Country Club, London)
  • Nirvana (in Dublin)
Quite a handy list.


  1. Hey, I was at that gig where Sonic Youth were supported by Nirvana. I wonder did I meet you at it. Where you there with Conor and/or Gavin? I do not remember if either of them were there. And I don't remember meeting anyone I did not previously know. But I don't remember much, really, except that Chris Novoselic looked amazingly assured as he played his bass, and Sonic Youth had a lot of guitars.

  2. Yes Ian, I was there with Conor and Gavin. I did meet people I didn't know but it was all a blur. I think Russ (Syrians to you) may have been there too.