Monday, July 24, 2006

Blogs are derivative

Malcom Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is a writer with The New Yorker magazine. Now he has a blog. Here he breaks the unwritten rule of blogs and actually says that blogging is not the future of journalism.

But newspapers continue to perform an incredibly important function as informational gatekeepers—a function, as far as I can tell, that grows more important with time, not less. Between them, for instance, the Times and the Post have literally hundreds of trained professionals whose only job it is to sift through the mountains of information that come out of the various levels of government and find what is of value and of importance to the rest of us. Why would we be without them? We’d be lost.

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  1. The idea that blogs would ever replace journalism is one that could only appeal to the most narcissistic of bloggers. Nevertheless, I suspect that bloggers will eventually wipe out the kind of vapid non-personality columnists who shite on about their lives in newspapers (particularly review sections of weekend newspapers). Sooner or later people will wonder why this lot are being paid money when equally dull stuff is being posted for free on the interweb.