Friday, July 25, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Please allow me to recommend St Vincent to your attention

OK, I know there is lot of music on the Internet. And I know you are busy. But sometimes even someone as careful as you might miss something. And let's face it, it gets harder to keep up with things as you get older. So, don't take offence, but I'm going to recommend some modern music for you to listen to. The artist is St. Vincent (you pronounce that "Saint Vincent"). Its one of those bands that is really just a person (real name Annie Clark). Anyway, I know you like rock music, so give her a listen.

What, you want me to maker it easy for you? St. Vincent on Letterman:

Being a guitar nerd:

Annie Clark with a good rhythm section:

The University Mound Ladies Home

The University Mound Ladies Home is faced with closure despite much opposition. On Google Street View I found this beautiful capture of the home, with real lens flare. The history of the Home is well worth reading.