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Excessive Ping Pong celebration

This has a great ending, worthy of the greatest cinema

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Thru You

This guy Kutiman cut up loads of YouTube videos to make these songs. His site is here but it is rather overloaded. Luckily someone copied the new videos back to YouTube.

And below, here is Kutiman himself explaining WTF he is doing

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WonderCon 2009

WonderCon 2009

I went to Wondercon with G. She cosplayed as Tohru. I was the 4th doctor. Once you have that scarf it's so easy to dress up. I didn't take a camera, doh. But who needs a camera when you have flickr.


You have to wait in line for a while to get in.

Convention Floor

Inside is just like a computer conference exhibition floor.

WonderCon2009R 035

I think this is Haruhi

WonderCon2009R 006 WonderCon2009R 024 WonderCon2009M 119

Where do you put your coat while you are in costume?

WonderCon2009M 060 WonderCon2009R 034 Baroness 2 - Wondercon 2009 Green Lantern Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill!

Buffy + Sonic Screwdriver = I'm A Total Nerd

Buffy with a sonic screwdriver?

Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon Cosplay Wondercon 2009 WonderCon 2009 sdim6783r sdim6769r sdim6794r Shirley 5