Friday, December 21, 2007

New Year wishes

Dear Politicians...

I am not afraid of terrorism, and I want you to stop being afraid on my behalf. Please start scaling back the official government war on terror. Please replace it with a smaller, more focused anti-terrorist police effort in keeping with the rule of law. Please stop overreacting. I understand that it will not be possible to stop all terrorist acts. I am not afraid.
Dear Apple...
I would like an iPod Touch with a hard disk please.
Dear David Tennant
Please keep playing Doctor Who. Hope you get a good rest doing other stuff this year
Dear Will Wright
Please try to get Spore done this year. But if it's not ready I'll wait.
Dear World...
Er... can we get this global warming thing sorted? Lets start with a painful carbon tax.
Dear Led Zeppelin...
Please don't tour. If you do I might have to go to a reunion concert in a stadium.
Dear Music Industry...
Amy Winehouse is really cool (apart from the drugs). But that doesn't mean we want to see a whole boatload of soul revivalists.
Dear Google...
look, I love you OK? We all do. I really believe you want to avoid evil. But you're just so big, I feel squashed. I just feel this is going to be a hard year for you. Try to be a bit humble.


  1. Hi

    Couldn't agree more! especially about Led Zep. You can't not go even though you know it's wrong.



  2. Thanks! And thanks for sharing your copy of 'in through the out door'