Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kylie in Smash Hits

This Christmas sees Kylie Minogue appear in Doctor Who (squee). A mere 20 years ago she was a pop star (and soap actress). Smash Hits was the greatest pop magazine of the 80s. I once used to keep a stack of Smash Hits next to my pile of NMEs. Kylie appeared on the cover of Smash Hits 5 times in the 80s, although I could only find the four you see above (click on the picture to see a bigger version).

Smash Hits specialised in asking stars stupid questions, like, what kind of sandwich they liked. Kylie answered:

A chocolate sandwich. That's my favourite food! I try to stay away from chocolate but I like things like flake bars. I don't like too many sweet things generally but I do like chocolate. When I was at school I sort of rationed myself to buy a little chocolate something and I'd nibble it really slowly so it'd last through lunchtime. Have I got any fillings? I haven't got any actually.
Which kind of sums up Kylie: only human, but perfect.

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  1. I don't really get all this Kylie wuv. Two good singles in a 20 year career, a face that increasingly makes her look like an extra from the Windowlicker video. I hope she doesn't ruin Christmas for me.