Friday, April 06, 2007

OOIOO @ The Independent, 26 March 2007

I am going out tonight to see a band and I don’t want to wimp out. By writing here I commit myself to my many readers to do this. Before I can go out though I have to report on my last gig. I already mentioned OOIOO and I went to the them at The Independent which is a little club shaped like a box. At first I was really confused by the audience who looked and smelled nice and were very polite. Everyone was young and they were trying to card me until I waved my grey hair about. Then I realized that the gig was promoted by KUSF and all the nice people were students. Is this the College Radio that we heard so much about in the 80s?

OOIOO were good but somehow disappointing. They have added a drummer for the tour and I was hoping for an onslaught of Bow Wow Wow like noise. Basically I was hoping to see Yoshimi’s other band, The Boredoms. Instead I got the feeling that the music was weighted more towards composition rather than improvisation. I got that feeling like I get with Frank Zappa, that there is a joke somewhere that I am not in on. The other band I thought of was late King Crimson, when they got all cerebral.

The best bits were when Yoshimi played trumpet (a bit like Ornette Coleman does) and what looked like a stylophone. I enjoyed some proggy unison playing they did. But alas the best thing about the show was being pleased to be home in bed at a reasonable time.

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