Monday, August 28, 2006

In Tapes, Receipts and a Diary, Details of the British Terror Case: Martyrdom Motive and 'Bomb Factory' Cited

This sounds like an interesting story. It is from the scanned front cover of the New York Times. But where is the story online? Did they have to pull the story for legal reasons? Or am I just incompetent at searching?

Update: the article is on the web now (it's too new to get a permanent link). So no conspiracy, but the article must have been delayed.

Update: the article is here.

Nice British touch: the bombers were doing chemical experiments with Lucozade.

Update from Cryptome: Publication of this article on has been delayed temporarily on the advice of legal counsel. It is also being omitted from the British circulation of The International Herald Tribune. This arises from British laws that prohibit publication of information that could be deemed prejudicial to defendants charged with a crime.

Update: the New York Times is using technology to block people in Britain reading the article. That'll work I'm sure.

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