Thursday, August 31, 2006


The Deeside Leisure Center is a sports facility in Queensferry, North Wales. In the early 80's it used to host gigs. For concerts the ice rink was covered with mats; if you stood still too long your feet got cold. As Queensferry is not well known, these concerts were often billed as being in other places. So sometimes you see a weird dislocation, for example Bob Marley once performed in Chester, and when I saw AC/DC there on 6 Nov 1980 it was billed as being in Liverpool. At school the gigs I saw were very heavily influenced by whether someone would take me there in a car. In 1980 I was beginning to be serious about music and was concerned that AC/DC were too much of a spectacle. But the offer of a ride to a concert, any concert, was hard to resist. Of course they were great, having just recorded Back in Black their best record. Now, with the benefit of hindisght, I can see that AC/DC are a classic band. Always, simple, always the same. So the headline Schoolgirl 'stabbed for love of AC/DC' fills me with dismay.


  1. Weird. I was working in Queensferry this week.

    PS. I would not cross the road to see AC/DC play.