Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Iron Man by Tony Iommi

This is Tony Iommi's autobiography. It has a lot of short chapters, quite a few of which read like anecdotes told to a friend, this generally works pretty well. I skipped most of the anecdotes that involved practical jokes and this enabled me to finish the book in half a day. There is very little about Ozzy who is treated as a solipsistic enigma. Famous incidents like the firing of Ronnie James Dio have little light shed on them. The 1980's saw an overwhelming number of musicians pass through Black Sabbath and this will seem as much a blur to the reader as it seems to have done to Iommi. Despite this I did like this book, though it isn't anything like as good a book as Keef's There are some good photos like the one above right of Tony at a shoot for a Rolls Royce calendar. The book ends with hints of a reunion of the classic lineup, which we all hope will produce some more entertainment.

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