Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wild Flag @ Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, 18 Nov 2010

Wild Flag - 12 - Bottom of the Hill - 11/18/2010

Wild Flag is a new band which contains two members of Sleater-Kinney (as amazingly drummer Janet Weiss has not been snapped up by Led Zeppelin). All four members sing but the band is dominated by singer/guitarist Carrie Brownstein. Even when the band are setting themselves up they all end up looking at her waiting for the signal that they are ready. But Carrie won't start until a scotch on the rocks has been bought at the bar and passed hand to hand through the crowd. In Sleater-Kinney she was the second best singer but now she lets loose, singing louder and clearer than ever. The other guitarist-singer (Mary Timony) is in danger of being overpowered by all this but keeps going while keyboardist Rebecca Cole is cheerful but not generally audible.

Wild Flag - 02 - Bottom of the Hill - 11/18/2010

This band hasn't made a record but I expect I will buy it when it does appear. If it can capture Carrie Brownstein on this form then it should be interesting.

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