Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recovering a usb hard drive

I have a load of mp3s on an external usb hard drive. Before our office move I backed these up to another usb hard drive. At the new office the original disk was giving that distinctive clicking sound that indicates death. I started copying the other disc but then it too stopped working. I took out the disk from its enclosure and attached another usb interface adapter, but that didn't work either. Next I opened up my four year old desktop computer, hoping that it would have a sata interface. The discs weren't sata but I was able to pull out a dvd driver cable and attach that to the disk (see picture above). Now Windows saw the disk and chkdsk ran. Finally I have been able to spend the last two days copying files off the disk using rsync.


  1. Is that what's left of my old computer? And it destroyed all your music? Oh dear, I'm very sorry. Feel free to put the whole machine in the trash once you get your files recovered.

  2. That is my old computer, temporarily relegated to being a host for old sata drives. Your old computer is running intellij 9 and has my 2 monitors attached. But I put a CD in it and it blue screened, just like you said it would.