Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vivian Girls / Best Coast @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, 9-Feb-2010

Best Coast is possibly a person rather a band. She sings with a lot of echo on the vocals. The songs have tunes (this is a good thing). The other guitarist seems shy and is half turned away from the audience. They borrow Vivian Girls drummer Ali, (although she hits harder later when playing for her proper band). They did a cover of "I know what boys like".

vivian girls at bottom of the hill

Vivian Girls are a punk-ish band who sound to me a bit like The Shop Assistants. They are cute and adorable and it is hard not to like them.


At one point they do an a cappella cover of "He's Gone" by the Chantels (as shown in the photo above). On most of their rock songs they make a nice noise and the audience bounces around. Sometimes though they play longer more improvisational songs in which the bassist plays more melodically and the guitarist solos. I liked these songs a great deal, they surprisingly reminded me of one of the Fripp/Wetton/Bruford lineups of King Crimson (this is a good thing).

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  1. The one song I heard by the Vivian Girls was WAY better than the many songs I have heard by the Shop Assistants.