Friday, October 09, 2009

The Horrors @ The Independent, San Francisco, 3-October-2009

Horrors at The Independent

If it is true that talent imitates, genius steals, then The Horrors are pretty clever. The good thing about them is that they have good taste in who they copy: Joy Division, Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine. I liked their latest CD and was hoping that their quality ingredients would be blended more smoothly when played live.

I was impressed to see that they have spent a chunk of their record company money on new clothes. I particularly liked the guitarist's jacket which you can see above, though I was not convinced by the bassist's attempt to introduce the double breasted jacket into rock.

OK, so they have OK songs, a tasty if unoriginal sound and they look great. How was the concert? Alas I was unconvinced. The vocals are hard to hear, the guitar seems aimless. it just did not blend for me. For another view I refer you to Hard Rock Chick.

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