Thursday, April 02, 2009

A pile of cassettes


I had a lot of vinyl once upon a time. I didn't have many cassettes. Cassettes were for taping the radio, or for recording an LP I had borrowed from a friend, perhaps one that I wasn't sure about. Here are some cassettes I found. These must date from 1980-1985.

  • A weird U2 1+1 Cassette. This had the album on one side, and then the other was blank so you could record something. In an unusual cigarette case flip top package.
  • A mix tape by Conor that appears to contain Sting, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and the Redskins
  • An unknown Prince tape (is this Russ's writing?)
  • A James Brown tape has been taped over with John Peel
  • A show about Mile Davis at Carnegie Hall, taped from Radio 3, together with a Billie Holiday documentary.
  • A Jim and William Reid John Peel Session
  • First Light by Richard and Linda Thompson (whose writing is this?)
  • Gerry Mulligan
  • The Pogues, together with Lloyd Cole
  • A Velvet Underground bootleg
  • Taj Mahal together with Killing Joke
  • U2 again, together with The Art of Noise
  • Shriekback togther with the Red Guitars. Seeing this made me want to hear the latter.


  1. Interesting. Most of my tapes are bootlegs although I also have some pre-recorded ones and copies of some mates' vinyl.

  2. You mean all your tapes are Joy Division bootlegs :-)

  3. Nice collection. I hope you kept these. :) I've been digitizing some of my own collection of weird mixes I made along the way. Some of them I kept, just because they were a part of my history.

    I've been reading your show reviews and checking out your ticket stubs. Nice.