Tuesday, June 17, 2008

snap links addon for firefox 3

Update: got to http://snaplinks.mozdev.org where rautava, mumbly, and atreus have created a proper update site. Thanks to them and everyone else who has worked to keep this excellent plugin working!

Old text for histoprical purposes:

If you need the snap links addon for firefox 3 then there is a version by Lim-Dul that works here. firefox 3.01 then there is a version here that works. Please note that I did not create this! The real work was done by niko39, Atreus and Mumbly Juergens. Also note you may have to save the file and then tell firefox to open the file with firefox.


  1. Thank you soo much! I just installed F3 and I just can't live without snap links.! Thanks again.

  2. Regretting the upgrade till now, thanks!

  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for the snaplinks. Did you change anything other than the supported version?

  4. Oh yeah! Great job Andrew! Thank you very much!

  5. Hi everyone, just wanted to be clear that I didn't make the version that works, I found it in the thread at mozilla.org. The only thing I did is make a good link you can find in google.

  6. Hi everyone, I found a new version that works with firefox 3.01 at http://uploaded.to/?id=oq30l8 Please note that I did not create this, I am just posting useful links!

  7. SnapLinks (Not official) «» Bug Fixed - Firefox3,3.0.1 (+) best compatible Version

    I'm too find this Add-On very Usefull.

    Firefox 3 known Issues (of Original Version):
    you may notice alot of mouse bugs.

    I have made a Firefox3,Firefox3.0.1 (+) compatible Version.

    Download links are:



    Snap Links EladKarako Mod (from original
    Firefox 3,3.0.1 compatible.
    CSS Fixed, JavaScript Fixed.


    Collisions Of Original Version Fixes:
    Bug "Mouse Random Menu Click" Fixed
    Bug "Mouse menu Created too Up" Fixed
    Bug "Mouse Gone Wild" Fixed.

    installation is simple-
    1. download
    2. unzip (or unrar)
    3. drag&drop the .xpi file on an open Firefox window.
    4. allow installation
    5. restart firefox
    6. enjoy

  8. Hello - out of curiosity I checked out in Google if there were any newer versions of Snap Links by the original author lurking somewhere on the web. I found your site to be one of the first search results. I have updated my mirror with the mod by Elad Karako.

    You can still use the old address, that is:


  9. Thank you so much! I was going through withdrawal from not having snap links avaliable.

  10. Thanks so much! I didn't upgrade to the new Firefox before b/c it did not have the Snaplinks app. I use it for Fluff Friends on Facebook. I was very glad to see it for FF3! Thank you!!

  11. you are my hero!! thanks so much :)

    ok bye!



  12. Hello! Atreus here :) I'd like to mention that rautava, mumbly, and I setup an actual snaplinks mozdev site and it is being more consistently updated now. It's at http://snaplinks.mozdev.org

    I'm really glad to see so many people got use out of the update we made ... mumbly and I were waiting forever for the original author to update it, and finally just took it into our own hands due to what a useful extension it is :)

  13. Thanks Atreus, I have updated the text to point to your new update site.

  14. This is so great! I missed snap links badly. Thanks for saving us all that finger karma :)

  15. jhsu123 Said "I use it for fluff friends".

    Thats why I Installed it. But have found it so useful in other places.

    Thanks for the fix guys

  16. you can download latest version of
    SnapLinks (EladKarako Mod) from the following website: http://snaplinks.tk

    another mirror and SVNs will be in http://tweakIT.co.nr or the mozilla Add-On website.

    respectfully ,
    EladKarako .