Monday, April 14, 2008

Why Manchester United beat Arsenal

I’ve got a friend from Chester that I see occasionally. Two years ago when I was back home I went for a drink with him and he told me this story. He works in construction for one of the McAlpine companies. He’s some sort of manager but he spends a lot of time on-site. A few years back he was working on the construction of the Emirates Stadium. This must have been weird as my friend is a fanatical Red. The story is that one day when they were pouring concrete for part of the foundations, he and two other northerners buried a Manchester United jersey underneath the pitch. It was an old Sharp era shirt. If this was supposed to curse Arsenal it didn’t work too well as last season they did the double over Manchester United. Perhaps these sort of curses take a while to work as this season Arsenal have fallen apart, despite playing beautiful football. I’d forgotten about this incident but on Sunday the New York Yankees dug through two and a half feet of concrete to remove a Red Sox jersey that had been buried there by a Boston fan. He had been intending to jinx the new Yankee Stadium that is being built. So clearly these sort of practices do have some power.


  1. Nice story but Arsenal's luck simply ran out.

    Saw some stats prior to Sunday's game which said Arsenal had scored an equaliser or winner in the last 10 mins in the last 4 games versus MUFC.

  2. I am serious here.

    The precise moment when Arsenal's dreams of the League and Chamions League died was when 'captain' William Gallas sat down on the half-way line at St Andrews, crying like a 10 year old who has just lost at 'Little League'.

    Right then. Exactly at that precise moment.