Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gary Gygax has died.

gary gygax

Gary Gygax has died. Here is a good article about him from trendy magazine The Believer. The interviewer and friend get GG to run some D&D for them.

The author of Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t much care for role-playing: “If I want to do that,” he said, “I’ll join an amateur theater group.” In fact, D&D, as DM’ed by E. Gary Gygax, is not unlike a miniatures combat game. We spent a lot of time just moving around, looking for the fabled Teeth of Barkash-Nour, which were supposed to lie in a direction indicated by the “tail of the Great Bear’s pointing.”

I first read about D&D in an issue of the long defunct magazine Games and Puzzles. I spent a lot of a family vacation in France wondering how I would get to play it. Once you understood the concept it was easy to make more games of the same kind. I'm still playing those games (occasionally) today. So, thanks Gary for a lot of fun you created.

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