Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dinosaur Jr.: Live in the Middle East (DVD)

As discussed previously I a have an embargo on seeing reformed bands. Instead I watch their videos. This is a concert featuring the reformed Dinosaur Jr. As concert DVDs go this was pretty good, I hardly used the fast forward key at all. It is a bit like seeing the band in a small venue, which is pretty much all you can expect form a DVD. As well as the music there some fairly interesting interviews with fans, including Kim Gordon, Steve Albini and Kevin Shields. J Mascis has long grey hair now, which as we know is very cool. It is fun to hear J talk, his voice is almost expressionless. In a great story Murph the drummer explains how J used to tell him exactly what to play in the beginning. They would have 2 drum sets and J would teach him the songs measure by measure. I really love the Dinosaur Jr. sound. Their records have stood up well, unlike, say Husker Du, whose records now seem very badly produced.

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