Friday, July 06, 2007


I’ve seen it and it’s great. No double entendres, no jokes specially for the adults, just a story. Paris looks beautiful, and so does the wet fur on the rats. Every time I watch a Hayao Miyazaki DVD I have to put up with seeing John Lasseter trying to pal it up with Miyazaki, but Brad Bird is the true genius at Pixar. All three of his films are great. Plus he is the voice of Edna Mode.


  1. i agree it was great.

    there's not even pop-culture refrences to make it's relevance quickly fade.

    it's great...i love it.

  2. Good point about the pop-culture references!

  3. Nice post. I took my 11-year-old son to see Ratatouille last weekend. I made a point of not taking him to see a horror flick of his choosing this time. So, I picked Ratatouille. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I think my kid did, too. In fact, we both ate it up. Maybe my son didn’t like it as much as he would have liked a horror flick, but he liked it. The production values, the animation and all were great, but the story was the best part. -- Jeffrey Guterman