Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Donnas + Boyskout @ Bottom of the Hill, 2-March-2007

the donnas

Boyskout were charming. They sound like The Cure and Talking Heads so I guess the 80s revival continues. They did a lot of swapping of styles and varied who sang. Christina, a smart Princess Di look-alike sang a great party piece: Girl on Girl Action, incorporating ‘Is that all there is’ in the style of her namesake Kristina. But the leader as far as I could tell was the great rhythm guitarist, Leslie Satterfield who also sang. The all boy rhythm section stayed in the background.

Boyskout shifted their own gear but The Donnas had guys who set up for them. I don’t know if it was the guys or the Marshall stacks but they got a fantastic sound, the best I have heard at Bottom of the Hill. The Donnas have quite a metal sound, driven by fantastic guitarist Allison Robertson who combines rhythm and lead in a way that reminds me of Bob Mould. Their professionalism and sheen brought a smile to my face. They may copy AC/DC but that just shows they have good taste. I had a good time.

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