Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Earth, SUNN O))) and Boris


Last year Aquarius Records had an April Fools joke where they listed a CD by EARTH, SUNN O))) and BORIS (respectively the originators, prime exponents and Japanese version of drone/sludge/metal).

a single track, 11 minutes long, one chord, an E to be exact, with each band handling one of the notes in the chord. Sunn 0))) deftly tackle the G, as if it were a blackened, dying sunn. Earth spews forth the B, with as much vitriol as they can muster. And of course Boris offer up a soul crushing E to complete what is quite possibly the heaviest chord ever recorded. EVER!
Now SUNN O))) & BORIS have a joint new CD called Altar, and one track features Dylan Carlson of Earth. So who is the April Fool now? Grace wanted a dollar in change to buy plastic toys so I popped into Aquarius Records while she was at her piano lesson and bought it.