Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rush - R30 (first disc only), your questions answered

Well what do you want to know?

How do they look?
Neil Peart (drums). Wears a hat so he must be balding. Never smiles. Does the same drumstick twirl reflexively. Appears to have at least one drum for every year he’s been playing.

Alex Lifeson (guitar). Looks like your average 55 year old dad.

Geddy Lee (bass, vocals). Looks great and jumps around. He must dye his hair.

Do they play 2112?
Yes, and they enjoy it too. Geddy Lee had a stuffed parrot on his shoulder and sang one verse about being “the pirates of the temple of Syrinx”
People playing air guitar?
Yes. It's in Frankfurt, need I say more?
Laser show?
Yes. Plus vaguely Monty Pythonish videos.
What did I learn?
Geddy Lee is the key to Rush’s sound. Like Chris Squire he is a bass player who leads a band.
How long is it?
You can get through it in under an hour if you use fast forward.

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