Friday, November 26, 2004

My crow costume for halloween

The concept:

I smeared my face with vaseline and Amy covered my face with plaster bandages.

The beak has a base made of wired mesh.

The beak and the rest of the mask are covered in more plaster bandages

The mask is held in place by elastic bands. The mask is so close fitting that the elastic presses into me.

Amy glued feathers to the mask.

The body of the costume is a coat from a thrift store. The back is cut away to make a tail. Amy made huge feathers out of black fabric, stiffened with wire. She also made the talons which attach to my shoes.

When we went trick or treating kids would recognize what I was and say hello crow. This is a great feeling, the same thing happened last year when I was Gandalf. After a while I got more confident and started to shout caw and flap my wings.

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